About Us

Who Is SCN?

Simple Church Network is a group of individual churches / simple churches sold-out for relational discipleship on mission to reach their community(s) for Christ.

Not unlike the first century church, we meet in homes, but also offices, businesses, restaurants and other locations to share the Lord with followers and those that want to learn more. The church is not a building.

As learners we are all disciples. It is the great commission that leads us to share our faith through studying the Word of God and learning who God is and who we are to be in Him. We sing, share food, bring a word or testimony, have prayer and support one another as family. Meetings are often based on the model of 1 Corinthians 14:26-33. Meeting may be held at any time or day through the week. The churches and members thereof, may or may not be affiliated with a traditional church. Many traditional churches are now looking at the Simple Church model as a more meaningful expression of the body of Christ than what we see in a typical Bible study. Children are most welcome in the meetings. Offerings may be taken to serve needs within the group or within the influence of one of the group member. And also for supporting the work of the church.

In addition to our growth in relationship with God, we seek to meet the needs of others as we are able and thereby love our neighbor as we love ourselves, as learned from the Great Commandment.

And of course we keep an open seat in meetings for the newcomer that has a thirst or interest in learning more of who God is and what he has done for them. We look to build the Kingdom of God by being salt and light as we go about our daily lives. A typical gathering will range from as few as two or three to as many as twenty. Because we seek to be very relational we would look to birth a new group before growing much more. Discipleship happens best in small groups.

In summary we seek to facilitate the multiplication of disciples that leads to Christ-centered spiritual families (churches) pursuing His mission together on earth.